Why I Write

As I searched for the right words to begin describing these writings, many single words came to mind. Words like trialogue, discernment, life, humility, virtue, vice, insight, simple, and several others entered  my thoughts. Not one word became a good standalone description of the posted writings, all of them touch on the description of some spiritual places life has taken me with family at my side for much of the journey. I pray that through these writings deeper insights will surface for the blessing of others, understanding all the time that every person has to own their own walk in life. The writings are written with great passion for the reader to grow closer to God first,  and to others all around them as well.20161119_143829

We are still on the journey that began a long time ago, finding the lasting parts that will be for eternity.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write”

    1. Glen, it was great to see you this year. My phone got smashed and I just recently saw you message, I am very glad you will be checking out the blog and hopefully we can get in some good discussions and learning on the topics. I am briefly touching each topic for now as I get a verse daily to look and and get better familiar with myself, so others looking, and commenting gives me a better perspective as well. Merry Christmas


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