Today’s Meditation 12/19/2017

“And at midnight, there was a cry made, Behold, the bride-groom cometh, go ye out to meet him.”

The teaching here is as there was light needed for the lamps of the virgins (potential brides) to go out and meet the groom. Some were called foolish because they were not prepared and had no oil for their lamps, their were others who had prepared and were ready with oil in their lamps to go out and meet the groom.

Christmas is soon upon us a few days from now, and most everyone is still shopping and preparing a gift for the celebration day of the birth of Jesus. Some have been better prepared and shopped earlier. We have known this day was coming ever since last year, I still will be needing to get a few things for some others myself. The point is, don’t get caught unprepared to meet the bride-groom.

The church (body of Christ) is the bride of Christ Jesus, and just as Christmas is coming in a few days, he will return at the time of his choosing for the church. Are you ready? Love you guys, have a blessed day.

7 days until Christmas, counting Christmas day 🙂 Six Geese a laying  -trying to get this right…

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