The Third Dimension I/intro.

Living in the third dimension, experiencing all that God has for us. In all reality, there is no third dimension to speak off, I am just using that as a term to describe life beyond our own limits and also beyond the limits of anything we can attain of this world.

In America today, and around the world, we as a people put a lot of confidence in our own abilities. We have the ability to make healthy choices in life and to make good financial decisions, living our retirement years out in a somewhat comfortable lifestyle. Also, we have the choice of any religious preference we desire, even if it is none. All around the world the greatest choice we have is whether or not to walk with God.

“To walk with God,” what does that mean? For the purpose of this writing I will share what I can with you from an educated but learning/standpoint, experiences from my own life, and from a life of meeting others.

Now to the writing.

“Perception is reality” some say. How we view things every day in life is reality, tends to be what they are implying. A business venture struggling often is picked through by the owner, monitoring the activities of that business, then adjustments are made to try and correct any noticeable problems. Corporate, Labor, and Political leaders are continuously meeting to plan the futures that affect so many in America.   A Lot of energy goes into the abyss when our society, cultural, or personal development goes on without the acknowledgement and leadership of our creator, God. God is not seen with the natural eye in such a way that we can take our simple mind, put our hand out to him, and touch a tangible

1503752977832 person. This reason is often used as a mystical tactic in testing the faith of those who say they believe in God, It is asked, “If God exist why can I not see him?”

As I write, I sit by the sounds of a stream pouring into a pond. The streams existence is obvious, I can hear the water flow from where I sit and if I walk a short distance I can see the water flowing into the pond. If I followed the stream up the mountain, I would find some of the tributaries flowing into it, each one making the streams existence greater. At some point going up the mountain, the stream begins in a place that is not seen. There is no large body of water at the top of the mountain feeding all the smaller streams coming into the pond, or maybe there is. The action is not made by man, nor man controlled, that causes the water to flow.

Science, in fact, has defined the process of evaporation something like this-from the ocean to the clouds-the clouds to the land-through the rivers and lakes-then back to the ocean, yet man still wonders on the control of such a process. Every day the requirement of trusting the evaporation process will continue to happen, beyond the knowledge or activities of men, it is a gift from our creator. The gift we must act to receive by faith is our relationship to God through his son, Jesus. The gift of eternal life with him.

There are those in our world who tend to place more emphasis on the spiritual experience than on the experiencing God in their walk with him daily. I hope to be careful of this and enjoy the walk with the Lord, and as I stumble, to get up and start again. It is Christ Jesus alone where my hope comes from, and I fear there are some with whom I have shared my life with that I have failed to show the true Christ. May God and others forgive me and help them to know I have made mistakes overtime. [“the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen” Philemon 1 v25]

May the Lord bless you today 🙂

Third dimension photo 2

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