Today’s Meditation 2/22/2018

a random verse…

“One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother.” John 4 v41

Along life’s highway there are all kinds of views.


That what seems at times so far away is a lot closer than you think. As I set this morning thinking of where the rode may take us next, a place came up that brought great memories. The old boarding house in which God allowed me once again to turn my life around. It was in a small town called Albany, Ill. along the Mississippi River. You see, yesterday came to us again another opportunity to go all little farther on this journey of ours.

Continuing a little longer in my morning meditation and prayer I received a message with a link from my daughter. The you tube video is around the eternal message of Christ brought by Billy Graham and is called “So Loved” by Mathew West. This was perfect timing. You see, in that boarding house room back in 1992 as I was watching a Billy Graham crusade an evangelist David Rings was sharing his story and the word. The spirit of God moved once again in my life closing a long stretch for me which seemed always going into an endless place of despair. I had work, I had money, I had family, I had friends, I just didn’t have the right walk with Christ Jesus that I so desired. Somehow the enemy of the cross had convinced me it was no longer possible. You see, I had been away from the church and my true walk with God for over twelve years. God reached into that room that night with me sixteen hours away from home and alone. He blessed my life beyond measure, and that has not stopped. There has been knocks and bumps along the way, it’s still good. Thank you Lord, I am so very, very thankful for all that you have done for me and my family. Lord, I thank you for the spirit of the Gospel that you gave to Reverend Billy Graham and how he shared that with so many. My life has been blessed, my children’s lives have been blessed, and my grandchildren continue to be blessed by the message of when You Lord Jesus are with us, and with open arms to receive us, no matter the difficulties we have seen.

Lord, I thank you for the rain today. I thank you Lord for the Son that shines even on a rainy day. Amen

Thursday 2/22/2018

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