Today’s Meditation 2/25/2018

a random verse…

“When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed.” Ecclesiastes 5 v4

It is much better not to make a vow/promise to God than to make one and not keep it. God does not want us to fail. God is a merciful and yet he is the true judge of who we are. He wants us to be able to believe in our ability’s to serve him without great outward pious acting.

During this season of preparation for the Easter Resurrection for me there is a time to work diligently on who I am. Many often refer to this time as Lent, a term I never heard growing up. Nevertheless, I desire to make it a good time of developing a better commitment to my own Christian walk.

In childhood I was taught that every day was a time of commitment to holiness and loving our walk with the Lord. I witnessed that walk by the ministers of the day who would be very clear on who they were and there convictions according to Gods word. In that same time that walk also carried an immanent aura around them of a peaceful and loving place to be.

In day to day living, just as this morning, cream in the coffee or not cream in the coffee? That was my question. The cream in the coffee was far less important that whether or not I had made the commitment for a season not to have cream. Seems silly but in a search for the deeper and more committed me that is where I am. I have decided to try and stick with no cream for a season just to help satisfy that conviction.

As I move on through this time of trying to reach convictions of lifestyle change I can live with, or keep, I am learning the importance of being mindful of what is going on around me.

Lord, help us all to lean on you in our time of difficulties. Help us Lord to understand that we need to do all that we can do-cleaning out our spiritual lives as well as our physical lives of the things that bring harm to us. Lord, as we learn these things let our lives not be so much driven to satisfy legalistically but out of a spirit of the Joy of you living in us-to me, that is understanding true grace. Bless our travels as we move around today and bless our family, our friends, and those we cross path’s with today. Amen.


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