Today’s Meditation 3/3/3018

a random verse…

“Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.” 2 John v9

What is the doctrine of Christ, many now ask of one another? Some say Love, and I fear that has been used in ways by many who do not know Christ as a way of acceptance of un-discerning ways and in an effort to dilute the commandments of God. Some even not as intential but not able to see the truth.

The doctrine of Christ is truth, true justice/judgement with the Love of the Father. The doctrine of Christ is not naive, or unthinking, or open to anything under the premise of Love. The doctrine of Christ is open to all who will come and who desire that personal relationship with him. He then will guide them in the ways of what is right, and they will feel convictions and not condemnation which will steer them to what is right.

Many have pushed against those convictions by way of flesh and the desires of the flesh and over time confusion of what is right seems to have set in.

The easiest way I know for one to know what is right according to the Doctrine of Christ is to ask God? In prayer with a true desire to know the truth, God will not withold it. The challenge comes when we let ourselves get in the mix of God showing us through his word, his spirit, his church, our prayers, and even our own circumstances. When we begin to desire our ways more than his, and be all inclusive or tolerant of what is not right. When our lives, even though they fall short at times, reflect Christ and his truths by way of discernment in our decisions the evidence of that will present itself. It will provide security for those who seek it, it will provide encouragement for those who need it, it will provide refuge in a time of trouble for those desiring it as nothing else can, the truth and doctrine of Christ will provide Love in a way that the reciever will know it as geniune care for the person or persons as it comes.

Lord, please forgive us when we stray from your paths. Let us be always guided by your convictions into what is truly right. Let our lives show that in a way that takes a way that brings light unto the world, the light of your life. Let us understand your strength in our walk with you. Amen

Saturday 3/3/2018

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