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The time has been well, in the joint effort of myself and my wife, to bring the post of “Today’s Meditation-a random verse” over the past year or so, to whomever would choose to share that moment with us. Often times it seemed that we alone were seeing the verse of the day, then to find that others had taken something from the daily post as well. It is now that I can hope that I had been as strong, spiritually strong as ever before but today as always before, we take one step at a time. 

We move on forward from this day to another part of the journey of our writing. While my entire intent is stilled being defined within myself and my wife, and with much prayer we are going a little deeper into the insight of what the past post’s of “Today’s Meditation” with “a random verse”. has brought to us. We will be taking some of the post’s to a further study level and hope to build on that, life skills that will  be a blessing to all involved. We hope that you join us in this study. 

All-though every comment is reviewed and hopefully add insight to what the Lord would have us all to take from each writing, they are not made public until I have had a chance to appreciate what they may bring to the thought of who may read them. 

In short version :), we are changing the post and are going to study the verses that we have been directed to over the past year a little deeper. The post may not be as often but we are still here studying them daily and hope to hear from you all as well. May the Lord bless you all and us together as we go forward into the next year. Amen

Our first of the past year…

“When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:”

 Luke 11 v21

To trust God. As we keep our own abilities intact, there are at times life that seems stronger than we are which comes as one stronger than us. As we stand with the Lord on our side, by rights of the right spirit within us, he will keep us.

Lord, help me today to stand where I need to stand and to treat others accordingly. By your grace we are loving to love in the name of Christ Jesus, your name. Amen. -from February 16, 2018


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