To be like Jesus 295


clear, the clarity

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Mathew 16 v14 AKJV

Jesus had just strongly rebuked Peter for being pleased with the things of men above the things of God. The pleasure of seeing things his way rather than God’s way and for his purposes. He let what he thought should happen get in the way of what was going to happen.

Every day starts out with certain intentions, hopefully good. Some start with uncertainty and that certain negativity will apply throughout the day. Light and darkness have no fellowship-? Fascination with our through common interest of darkness, evil, satanic display ends in a word-death.

Portrayal of common ground, tolerance, becomes a conditioning, yet God’s ways are not our ways. Spiritual tolerance/discernment will not mix with Satanic influence comfortably. A cloud of deception, for instance the production of money, soon goes away. Life itself is short, like a vapor. The dew of the morning covers farther a reach then any man can cover. The sunrise changes the place of the fog/morning dew.

How great a challenge it is at times even to bring up a challenge. What I see, I ask, should I challenge?

Nehemiah cryed out to God in repentance for the sins of himself and his fathers nation when he realized the condition they were in. He received the blessing of turning that burden into a blessing. One of his greatest challenges were the issues of those who wanted to distract him from his work. The hand of God was with him, and he stayed focused with ‘clarity’ on what he was to do.

God, help us daily in keeping a heart of repentance to sin, and to receive your blessing in the burden of the lost and the work you would have us to do. The focus of your purposes, your way. I thank you for this day. Amen

October 21

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