In Search Of

Truth-Meaning given purpose for all things happening…past, present, and future.

As I search out my own heart I asked-how is it that others cannot or do not see what I see? Maybe I ask-how is it that others do not see things relative to the way that I see them? I know this opens the door for a lot of unsolicited impertinent input-but nevertheless, the questions still stand.

The precise point is to find and build upon what is true. It is widely accepted that Salvation through a relationship with Jesus is direct connection to God. From there the divide among Christians begin. I neither project that this is good or bad at this point, just that it truly exists. Looking at what is pertinent to truth, what impacts daily living, does bare itself out in individuals and collectively in culture impact throughout the world.

The idea of “spiritual war” is as real as the full blown engagements of nation against nation around the world. There is a conditioning of condemnation of this idea among the ones influenced in the engagement, either knowingly or unknowingly, of downplaying the reality of “spiritual warfare”. We often look to the outside of the realm of which we operate to see the external conflict of engagement and how it effects the culture of the church. There is a great need now to get a real look at the internal engagement of “spiritual warfare” inside the church-what we refer to as the body of Christ. We proclaim Jesus as the head of the body and the director of our lives, even our actions in the real world.

The biggest culprit is the purposed teaching that our actions does not impact our relationship to God. Other direct impacts come from the push for tolerance and acceptance of sin disguised under a false illusion of what love means.

Sin, unconfessed sin, is the reason sound doctrine and teachings are not heard. Therefore, the cleansing of the soul and mind cannot become effective in the life of the unbeliever. Neither can a person professing Christianity and living in an open and sinful life hear effectively the teachings of God.

From the ‘Puritan’ to the ‘Grace abound’ there seems a window that opens and closes to the heart of the one searching for truth. People do seek truth and truth is available to the pure desire of the one who seeks it. All others are in the abyss of a conglomerate of flesh driven, demonic influences giving effect to the very day we live in. Our escape from this is to seek God with a pure heart-meaning a true desire to know him. Sacrifice becomes a part of that in our daily living. The largest culprit of our demise in the nation of the U.S.A. is the allotment of time to the things which are right and are wrong.

Survival instincts in a culture war drive society to fit the mold created by greed, search for unlimited power, and just plain loose living with no perimeters. When the stand is taken against these things it then quickly becomes the message described as dogmatic, or unsympathetic-even unloving, by the very ones driven by the things above; greed, search for unlimited power, and just plain loose living. The convictions ‘moral standards’ once held high by the prudent in living, the church that is, are faded into the justifications of what was once referred to the ‘fence riders’. This is a mild description of spiritual warfare.

I once heard the pulpit described as a place entered into by the man of God to be pulled between Heaven and Hell with the words delivered to the attentive hearer that could change the eternal path of the decision maker. In other words, the sinner or unbeliever sitting under the sound and words of the anointed deliverance of the word of God would be drawn to decide Heaven or Hell. Set on the path for such before escaping a declaration of liberating truth. That escape does not come easily because of the reality a true and real battle in the realms of a living soul for an eternal end.

Satan does despise such conviction and will seek to destroy the one who comes under such a new way of enlightenment. To accept Christ Jesus through faith sets one free to see such a contempt for life. Moral convictions set by the word of God are the freedom to see life without a heavy and distraught burden of despair. Faith in God and the hope of eternal life with him provides a peace not known or given by any other in the time of true need.

In the weakest moment of the believer lay the strength of the almighty as the foundation that will hold. Amen.

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