“In the beginning, God” are the starting words of the Holy Bible. From that point on the greatest record of time and actions of humanity have been written for the primary purpose of all humanity to understand how to live in a relationship to the Creator, God.

To be a part of God’s universal and eternal family and to live harmonious to his purposes is to live a life full of abundance beyond earthly riches or gains. Understanding the scriptures and the many examples of lives presented in them is a direct coalition to understanding life as it continues to be lived out today.

First, it is important to understand the following~

(2 Timothy 3 V16) KJV

All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. (What this says is, We are to view thoroughly the supremely divine given scripture as profitable[helpful, serviceable, advantageous] for doctrine [instruction-the function or the information i.e. to use the information for how we live life], for reproof [proof; conviction-true conscious towards God’s way of living], for correction, [a straightening up again, reformation-scripture would reflect in the way we live our lives], for instruction [education by training: by imp. Disciplinary correction, chastening, chastisement, instruction, nurture] in righteousness [of character or act, justification-righteousness]. *definitions in part from Strong’s Concordance

We can study the scriptures to better understand life and use that understanding to make wiser decisions and build stronger convictions for our own lives that will in turn make life better for all that we serve in this life.

This understanding comes with documentation of God’s genealogical family from the beginning all the way to Jesus, which provides all in the world through his own life to become part of the family of God.

To us, especially in today’s world of the information age and the new millennium, if words are connected to anything that has apparent difficulty it is deemed bad, and provides continuance in living without depth of any understanding. For instance, today is known as Good Friday.

How does the day of crucifixion for Christ Jesus become known as Good Friday. Most know the reality that the day in itself was a very dark day, with injustice at its highest form put into motion both the religious and secular communities of the world at the time. That all being known, the day stands as redemption for all who will accept by faith what Jesus did on the cross. It is very ironic that man could not have planned this day, nor made it come to pass in the way it did, but it still happened and they all were involved.

Thus, my point is made. What seems bad all the time is not always bad, and what seems good all the time is not all ways good. Life happens and we must daily continue to trust in God and work to live out our lives in the best possible way.

The scriptures are full of many facts of life with many recorded results of what freedom of choice really brings, both good and bad. We can enjoy that journey through the scriptures with blessing to our own lives if applied.

The first people mentioned in scripture as all the world knows and recognizes is Adam and Eve. and time continues…We choose the covenant or the curse… May God Bless

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