Today’s Meditation 6/6/2018

a random verse…

“And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatic, and those that had the palsy; and healed them.” Mathew 4 v24

They brought all these life issues to Jesus, and he healed them.

Lord, let us understand to put all our faith and trust in you this day and  with all things. I pray for all that are yours and those that you have given me today. Amen



Today’s Meditation 6/5/2018

a random verse…

“The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient,” Isaiah 3 v2

…as we stand, we must stand on the Lord’s side. Repentance is by choice, sin is not a option of positive reward. Shall we choose not to reward evil to ourselves.

Lord, help us this day in our walk with you. The world stirs and builds by attempts to rearrange what you have already given. Let us meditate upon your word so that it manifest itself of you through us, we pray this day. Amen

Our travels continue, at times briefly and at times lengthy, we thank you for you presence at our home and as we travel, Lord Jesus. Amen

Tuesday 6/5/2018

Today’s Meditation 5/30/2018

a random verse…

“Now the rest of the acts of Manasseh, and his prayer unto his God, and the words of the seers that spake to him in the name of the Lord God of Israel, behold, they are written in the book of the kings of Israel.” 2 Chronicles 33 v18

…just prior to this verse in the word…

“And he repaired the altar of the Lord, and sacrificed thereof peace offerings and thank offerings, and commanded Judah to serve the Lord God of Israel.”

Lord, we thank you for your guide to repentance. Only because of your love for humanity is the right way revealed through your mercies to us. We give you praise this day. Amen

Wednesday 5/30/2018