Today’s Meditation 1/19/2018

a random verse…

“Howbeit he refused to turn aside: wherefore Abner with the hinder end of the spear smote him under the fifth rib, that the spear came out behind him: and he fell down there, and died in the same place: and it came to pass, that as many as came to the place where Asahel fell down and died stood still:” 2 Samuel 2 v23

To be remembered for times to come are the decisions and choice of actions we take in life today. On into the same chapter it reads-“Shall the sword devour for ever?” The values of the battles of men are measured in time by the measure of the word.

Lord, let our words we speak today be of your purposes and of the work you are doing in us. May the Lord be with you today. Amen

Friday 1/19/2018

Today’s Meditation 1/18/2018

a random verse…

And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth  his sheep from the goats:” Mathew 25 v32

  nations of people will one day stand before the Lord. He will divide them into two parts, those who have chosen to follow him and those who rejected with unbelief. Many who have chosen Christ will hear “Come, be blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:” …

Dear heavenly father, help us this day to treat others in a way that they see you in us. Fill us Lord with your divine Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts and our actions in a loving, caring, and compassionate way. Amen.

Thursday 1/18/2018

Today’s Meditation 1/17/2018

a random verse…

“Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, saying: Ye and your wives have both spoken with your mouths, and fulfilled with your hand, saying, We will surely perform our vows the we have vowed, to burn incense to the queen of heaven, and to pour our drink offerings unto her: ye will surely accomplish your vows, and surely perform your vows.” Jeremiah 44 v25

The next verse, the first word is “Therefore.” Which tells me there will be a reaction from the Lord to those of Israel, the chosen and then the-grafted in. In response to their decision to perform promises and prayers to the “queen of heaven” he would reply with a reaction of an unfavorable fate. Their condition would be marked with misfortune, calamity, and distress. The choice was still theirs but he would not be dishonored.

As we are a part of humanity, we to react to the actions of others. First, God is God and non other above him. He will not be mocked as second to any, and we all are without excuse in recognizing him as God because the heavens declare it to be so. There clearly are things without our reach and understanding.

For every action their comes a reaction, and we have the opportunity to love and live life. May the God of heaven and all the earth, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the God of our lives through his son Jesus, be worshiped and praised.

All things work together for the good of those who love him. Amen

Wednesday 1/17/2018

explosion of Grace

Today’s Meditation 1/16/2018

a random verse…

Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Mathew 24 v34

Time. In an effort to control or understand time we have put time into increments of time. One minute equals sixty seconds, one hour equals sixty minutes, twenty four hours equals one day, and those are simple because they are very common to us: A generation however is thought to be the span of a persons lifetime in most cases, but what if we saw it as a span of a peoples life time? 

I would never try and insert something that shouldn’t be, but the thought’s of men are often established by culture driven interest rather than the true message. We measure weight and product as things we can see. We also measure production based on the action of men to produce product. Those actions or moves designed to create the product can change or go away over time and many times once they are done they cannot be undone. The reason they cannot be undone is because at that moment in unseen time the action is completed.

Scripture also teaches us to not forget-“that one day with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” Humanity struggles often with not being in control, but our greatest moments for society’s, nations, and individuals is when we yield that control to God’s ways and his purposes.

May you be blessed today, Amen.

Tuesday 1/16/2018

Today’s Meditation 1/15/2018

a random verse…

“And he struck it into the pan, or kettle, or caldron, or pot; all that the fleshhook brought up the priest took for himself. So they did Shiloh unto all the Israelites that came thither.” 1 Samuel 2 v14

The offering, the preparation of the offering, the giving of the offering, the acceptance of the offering, and the use of the offering, all is to be weighed. Not so much as the amount of which we seem driven by, but all the actions surrounding the gift as well.

Our lives are much of the offering we have in the way we live to the Lord. Not so much on the outward but on the inward spirit that guides us in Christ. In a prior verse the word comes in this manner-“…for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.”

Lord, help us to understand your ways and act in such a manner to live a good life. Forgive us where we fail and lead us away from such failings. Help us Lord to meditate in your ways (precepts) and to respect them. Let us delight our-self in you and in your word. Amen

Monday 1/15/2018


Today’s Meditation 1/14/2018

a random verse…

“Nevertheless leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in a tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts in the grass of the earth:” Daniel 4 v15

Who is above the Lord’s hand? Not one. Here the king, Nebuchadnezzar, had dreamed a dream and was declaring the dream to Daniel-Belteshazzar. In this part of the dream it explicitly says there will be a roots of the stump left to be watered and these roots would be located in the fields with the animals of the earth.

God allow’s anyone that want’s to become larger than him and remain as his to experience life in a way that will bring us back to the true acknowledgment of him as Lord if we so choose. That choice is not forced by any means, but circumstances of life can change as a means of his true compassion for us. As a matter of belief, It seems many of us pray for the circumstances in our own and other peoples lives to change, then we try to fix the change God is working in the lives of those by answering our prayers.

Through it all, the ultimate answer would be the good result of the king. He proclaimed reading on into the chapter-“mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, …” and further on “Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgement: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.”

A phrase often used to some as we were growing up was, (I think you may have gotten to big for your britches) :).

Respect and reverence for those with understanding and wisdom of the Lord seems to have dissipated in many arena’s of life. Lord, help us to again respect your word, your church, your ways, your elders. Bring us to that place in life as a remnant of your people that we may grow again in your graces of true respect for one another. Lord, penetrate the minds of our families, our youngest in them away from the gaming and our teens to the eldest away from just the numbers of gain, to the complete understanding that you are in control. Who can “stay” your hand? Not one. I thank you today Lord, for your mercy and forgiveness, Amen

Sunday 1/14/2018