Today’s Meditation 5/9/2018

a random verse…

“But cursed be the deciever, which hath in his flock a male, and voweth, and sacrificeth unto the Lord a corrupt thing: for I am a great King, saith the Lord of hosts, and my name is dreadful among the heathen.” Malachi 1 v14

Deception is a dreadful tool and the one who chooses to use this direction for their own people stands in greater judgement of the Lord. The Lord God is great among all nations and will forever be.

Lord, help us to be truthful with one another, especially to those looking on for a direction of life. Lord, we know perfection does not belong to anyone of use except that we seek that in you, and only your grace and mercy can bring us to it. Help us this day in our walk with you, and our walk with others, in Jesus name. I pray. Amen

Wednesday 5/9/2018

Today’s Meditation 5/8/2018

a random verse…

“With all his reign and his might, and the times that went over him, and over Israel, and over all the kingdoms of the countries.” 1 Chronicles 29 v30

This was recorded of David, the king, as it is with everyone. All is known and recorded of life in the Chronicles of time. God is an all knowing yet forgiving God because he desires fellowship with all humanity, all who will come to him by faith and understand his love for them.

Lord, we pray today for those who need you in a special way, those struggling with addictions, or just plain not seeing or hearing your calling them to you. Our neighbors, our friends, and our families, we pray for them. Lord we thank you for this day and all that you do for us. Keep our hearts in line with your right ways. Amen

Tuesday 5/8/2018

Today’s Meditation 5/7/2018

a random verse…

“For thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream: then shall ye suck, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees.” Isaiah 66 v12

…’Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my names sake, said, Let the Lord be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.’ -found in the book of Isaiah.

Lord, let us treat one another with respect of your ways, Lord help us to help those we can and in your “choosing to their delusions” are those that are not considerate of hearing your word in effect of the way they choose living life. Lord, forgive us where we fail this day and we thank you for all that you do for us. Amen

Monday 5/7/2018


Today’s Meditation 5/6/2018

a random verse…

“But I will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah, and it shall devour the palaces thereof, with shouting in the day of battle, with a tempest in the day of the whirlwind:” Amos 1 v14

The message of a judgment that is to come is brought here to the people. Their are stuck in their hypocrisies of greed and injustice, and have become hardened to heart and fail to hear the words of warning. Not even great disasters of nature turn them yet to a place of repentance. Does this sound familiar to the world today?

Lord, help us in all your ways to understand our living of our lives. Help us in making better decisions on points of discipline that once made a difference but seem no more important to today’s culture driven by greed on every level of humanity.

Dear God, forgive us and help us Lord in forgiving others for our time is short on this earth and no amount of this world can begin to measure what eternity brings. I thank you Lord for your mercy. Amen

Sunday 5/6/2018

Today’s Meditation 5/5/2018

a random verse…

“And out of the tribe of Naphutali; Kedesh in Galilee with her suburbs, and Hammon with her suburbs, and Kirjathaim with her suburbs.” 1 Chronicles 6 v76

Dear Lord, we thank you for this day. As we see records/Chronicles of history and family written in your word we pray today for the understanding through the writing and reading, and hearing of your word in the life applications to our own lives. Amen

Saturday 5/5/2018


Today’s Meditation 5/4/2018

a random verse…

“My soul waiteth forĀ  the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say, more than they that watch for the morning.” Psalm 130 v6

Thank you Lord, for your mercy on me. It is good to see the new day because of the Lord.

…”If thou, Lord, shouldst make iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.” found in the book of Psalms

Thank you Lord for this new day, in spirit, and in life. We all should give you praise. Thank you Lord for your mercy this day and your strength. Thank you Lord for all that you have done for us and for all the generations before and for all the generations to come. Amen

Friday 5/4/2018

Today’s Meditation 5/3/3018

a random verse…

“And he said, All is well, My master hath sent me, saying, Behold, even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men of the sons of the prophets: give them, I pray thee, a talent of silver, and two changes of garments.” 2 Kings 5 v4

Lord, I thank you for this knew day. Help us Lord to not turn aside for any distractions that are put into our path, and help us to focus on what you have given us for this day as our assignment in life and we thank you. Lord, we know many distractions lay out there for the tempting of who we are to keep us from getting to where you would have us to be. We thank you for your word. Amen

Thursday 5/3/2018